GNV U.S Customs And Border Protection

The port of Miami is available to inbound and outbound vessel traffic. The port is operational right now and opens for all vessel traffic. CBP is operational and preparing travelers, teams, and freight. The U.S. CBP, Office of Field Operations, Miami and Tampa Field Offices will refresh the exchange network and voyaging open on the status of the ports of the section in Florida with operational resources primed and ready to continue any interruptions to global travel and exchange help to the affected territories when viable. CBP's need strategic to keep psychological militants and their weapons off planes and out of the United States. Its optional duty is to make sure about and encourage exchange and make a trip and to authorize a large number of U.S. guidelines relating to worldwide travel, including movement and medication laws.

Global Entry

To be eligible for the Global Entry expedited passport control, travelers should introduce a biometric passport at counters or U.S. green cards, input fingerprints on the scanning machine, for a unique mark check to complete the customs declaration. Follow the prompt instructions carefully, and this will be done within minutes. After completing all instructions, the explorer will be presented with a receipt.

Baggage Claim

The baggage claim area is found at the passenger terminal, where there is an ATM. There are baggage Carts and Skycap available to passengers at Gainesville Regional GNV Airport.


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