Gainesville Regional Airport's terminal has three gates. American Eagle utilizes gates 1 and 2. Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection utilize gate 3. The air terminal has a café and a blessing shop, worked by Tailwind. The air terminal's ground transportation is served by taxis; rental vehicle organizations; an RTS transport quit serving highways 25, 26, and 39; and lodging transport transports. In 2019 Gainesville Regional Airport got a 12.1 million dollar award from the FAA to extend the terminal, including two entryways, extra restrooms, a pet alleviation zone, a mother lactation room, a children's territory, and additional shops and cafés. As of late, the Airport has significantly finished a few tasks: the restoration of its essential runway (11/29), funneling of an open jettison corresponding to that runway, and consummation of two periods of the Terminal Renovation venture.


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